Social Worker

Job Description

Reports to: Clinical Director

Job Summary – Full-time (40+ hours per week) & Part-time

Social Work Staff (Social Workers Or Other Professional Persons) trained in Behavioral Health and/or Mental Health will provide specialized services for Children And Nonminor Dependents as a part of the (Z.N.D.) program. The primary goal of the Social Work Staff will be to collaboratively assess the needs of the program participant and arranges, coordinates, monitors, evaluates, and advocates for a package of multiple services to meet the specific participant complex needs. Social Work staff will also assist in providing other core services, which are trauma informed and culturally relevant, in accordance with each Program Participant’s individualized Needs and Services Plan they have the lead in preparing.

Minimum/Desired Qualifications and Experience

Social Work staff hired on or after January 1, 2017, shall meet the following education and experience requirements:

• A Master’s Degree from an accredited or state approved graduate school in social work or social welfare, marriage, family and child counseling, child psychology, child development, counseling psychology, or social psychology.

– Social Work staff who do meet the Master’s Degree requirements may apply for an exception provided he/she completes the coursework and field practice or experience requirements (i.e. Completion of at least three (3) semester units or 100 days of field practice or experience in a public or private social service agency at the Master’s Degree level.)

  • Social Work staff should be at least 21 years of age.

  • Completion of at least three semester units or 100 days of field practice or experience in a public or private social service agency at the

    Master’s Degree level.

  • At least nine semester units of coursework related to children and families or 18 months experience in working with children and families.

  • At least three semester units in working with minority populations; six months of experience working with minority populations; or six months in-service training in working with minority populations within the first year of employment as a condition of employment

  • At least three semester units in child welfare or two years of experience working in a public or private child welfare social services setting.

    Sample Responsibilities and Duties

The list is neither inclusive nor exclusive, but indicative of several types of duties performed such as:

  • Ensuring Program Participant has provision of or access to core services and supports

  • Maintains a regular visit schedule with Program Participants.

  • Available to assist Program Participants in crisis as needed.

  • Maintains ongoing open communication among staff and families.

  • Review and prepares reports and correspondences as needed.

  • Performs related duties as assigned.

  • A Needs and Services Plan and updating as needed (includes components such as personal safety plan, Plan of Care, etc.)

  • A Transfer Plan

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