ZND Residential

Creating Lasting Change

One person at a time.

Our nationally recognized, nonprofit mental health organization helps children and teens to overcome maladaptive challenges to become self-reliant, independent members of their communities.


We are a voluntary treatment community for program participants facing mal-adaptive challenges that accompany behavioral and emotional concerns, as well as intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are dedicated to providing each program participant with the opportunity to achieve the meaningful life they deserve.

Structured Daily Schedules

Children and non-minor dependents (NMD) within our programs participate in academic instruction and schoolwork each day.

Daily activities are scheduled to allow daily group therapy sessions, including evidence-based therapeutic groups, peer support groups, family therapy, and experiential therapy.

All program participants meet with their dedicated therapist as needed.

Family Programming

Family programming and involvement is an integral part of the children and non-minor dependents (NMD) within our residential mental health treatment programs.

Families must participate in family therapy sessions at least once each week and family-intensive workshops every other Saturday.

NOTE: All family activities are conducted remotely via Zoom to comply with COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Specialized Psychiatric Care

Our treatment programs for children and non-minor dependents (NMD) provide individualized, evidence-based treatments by diagnosis.

Together with our integrated wellness model and holistic approach, this powerful combination provides a unique path to a healthy future for each participant.

Holistic Approach

We provide program participants with experiential therapies designed to provide a break from talk therapy and encourage participants’ social engagement with their peers.

Experiential therapies also allow teens to explore activities that they can use to express emotions and maintain mental health throughout their life.

Experiential therapies offered to our program participants throughout each week include art, music, creative movement, psychodrama, yoga, meditation, and horticultural therapy.

Reset To Healthy Living

On evenings and weekends, our staff members help our children and non-minor dependents (NMD) work on re-establishing consistent schedules, including:

  • Sleep & meal schedules
  • Self-care & hygiene
  • Medication adherence (if applicable)
  • Healthy social & recreational activities.

Our skilled and caring residential staff ensure that our program participants are supported, engaged in the community, and working toward healthy living habits.

Next Steps After Treatment

Depending on each participant’s progression in their residential treatment, our staff will help the teen transition to nonresidential day treatment. 

Our treatment team will develop an individualized treatment plan to help each participant and their family continue to practice the skills and continue the growth they’ve acquired during their treatment program.

Restoring Personal Dignity & Independence...

ZND Residential, Inc. is a nationally recognized nonprofit mental health treatment organization serving adolescents ages 10 to 17. As one of the nation’s top Children’s Residential Care Facility Group Home & STRTP, we provide our Program Participants with a stable, secure, safe, consistent, and supportive home. 

We recognize that each Program Participant is different, which is why our Behavioral Health & Mental Health based programs offer individualized treatment plans to ensure long-lasting recovery for each participant that comes to us for care.

...Through Supportive Guidance & Care

As a therapeutic Group Home (GH) & Short-Term Residential Treatment Program (STRTP), we work to successfully reintegrate Children and Non-Minor Dependents (NMD) back into their respective communities. Our programs serve individuals in a home-like, normalizing atmosphere where age-appropriate, supportive training is provided to each program participant to develop their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional capabilities to the fullest. 

Our goal at ZND Residential, Inc. is to help each program participant regain their sense of personal dignity, self-reliance, and independence as they engage in activities within our home and the community. Whenever and wherever possible, we use generic and community-based resources to support the long-term development and success of every one of our program participants.


We offer residential and community programs for children and non-minor dependents (NMD) ages 10 to 17. Our mission is to provide these individuals with individualized treatment and professional therapeutic support that empowers them to become successful community members.

Expert Diagnoses, Personalized Treatments.

Every program participant completes a comprehensive diagnostic assessment at admission. The assessment gives our clinical team a clearer picture of the program participant diagnoses and clinical needs, as well as an awareness of program participant history and background. We then use the results of the assessment to match our program participants with an evidence-based treatment plan and a specialized team of professionals.


A Group Home (GH) & Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) provides 24-hour nonmedical care and supervision to participants in a structured environment. Services are provided, at least in part, by staff employed by the licensee. Licensees are responsible for the care and supervision of the participants placed in their program. Group Home (GH) & Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) are licensed by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD). The CCLD also monitors Group Home (GH) & Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) by making unannounced visits at least once per year.

County social services and probation departments place the greatest numbers of children in group homes. Additionally, county mental health agencies and regional centers place children. Parents, individuals, or families may also place children for whom they have legal custody. Such placements are called private placements.

Dependent Children: Children who are physically, sexually, or emotionally abused, neglected, or exploited or at risk of being abused, neglected, or exploited. These children often have behavioral and emotional problems that prevent them from being cared for in a family environment. They are generally dependents of the Juvenile Court and placed by county social services departments. 

Juvenile Wards: Children who are juvenile offenders. These children are generally wards of the Juvenile Court and placed by county probation departments. 

Developmentally Disabled: Children who are developmentally disabled are generally placed by regional centers. 

Seriously Emotionally Disturbed: Children who are identified as Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) and require out-of-home placement in order to benefit from an educational program. These children are generally placed by county mental health agencies.

We currently are not permitting any visitors to campus due to COVID-19.

ZND Residential, Inc. is a device-free facility. Program participants may not have mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other devices.